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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  April 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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our. give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. >> good afternoon, everyone, i'm larry beil. >> a young boy on a bicycle was injured after being struck by a pickup truck in san francisco around noon at 43 ready avenue and fulton streets. >> that is where jonathan bloom is live. >> hitting a pedestrian in the crosswalk as you're making a turn, in this case, the boy was a pedestrian, a little 3-year-old boy in this discussion direction. the driver made a turn. witness reports suggest he may
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never have seen the child until feeling impact. i want to show you video just after it happened around noon. police shut down fulton street, treating it as a crime scene. he was with family at the time, but police say he crossed the street and was hit. police took the bike into evidence and say the child may have been dragged before the driver realized what happened >> the vehicle continued and realized they may have struck something and discovered they struck the child. >> police say he was being taken to the station for questioning they say he's cooperating with the investigation we'll keep you up to date on his condition as police make that
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information available to us. >> thank you. san francisco police today showed off a new preventive measure to help young pedestrians protect themselves. a search for a miss 14-year-old boy is suspended >> a father and young cousin were rescued. wayne freedman is live from ocean beach. larry? >> reporter: we nearly lost three people. instead we have lost one. yesterday afternoon a father, son and son's cousin on the beach behind me playing in the sand near the surf and a wave washes the first boy and the second boy the father tries to rescue his son but cannot swim he and the cousin wound up rescued by of all people the son of a san francisco fire department officer.
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the little boy, the search continued now 22 hours. ocean beach a study in contrast. beautiful weather the back drop for a sad search by the san francisco fire department and the coast guard without success. >> difficult situation. >> it has been since yesterday afternoon. a rogue wave and rip currents pulled a 14-year-old boy into the water. his father does not know how to swim, went into to safe him. did not succeed and nearly drowned in the process today sh he remained in critical condition. at the beach the search continued as far south as lake merced and as north as golden gate. and as far as 12 miles in 56-degree water. at 2:00 p.m the coast guard suspended efforts with no sign of the missing boy. >> it's very difficult to suspend a search like this. have you to think if it's your child or family member
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it's a difficult discussion >> the coast guard says if it turns up it could be anywhere. but suspending a search is not a reese res cue anymore. it's a recovery. >> and a surfer who helped pull the father and cousin from the water is being hailed a hero the 27-year-old holding a coin presented to him by firefighters after his heroic efforts called sf challenge coin. he happens to be the son of a firefighter who raced the beach after hearing about his son's efforts to save people in the water. >> we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. health and human services kathleen sebelius is resigning. the move comes just a week after the close of the rocky enrollment period for the health care law web site failures mared
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the opening weeks. the resignation was not unexpected. she's one of the few remaining members of the original obama cabinet she said she'd stay on to see through the implementation of the act. >> police in miami are labeling a sus spishus incident involving collin kaepernick. a woman claims she was partying with cappernick. she says she went to the bedroom to lie down saying kapernick began kissing and undressing her. she says he left, telling the woman he would be back. she says the other two men peeked into the room. she told them to leave and that is the last thing she remembered until waking up in the hospital the police report contains no information about her exam and
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no charges have been filed in this case. 49ers general manager issued a statement saying the 49ers organization is aware of the recent media report regarding collin kaepernick and is gathering the facts. you can read the report on abc7 >> so what do you think this means? >> not good time aring for a guy trying to negotiate a contract in the area of we have to see whether
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kaepernick will be asking about it. >> a lot of questions. >> yes. now to corruption scandal involving state senator leland yee. >> he purported him as a reformed man and a community activist that helped troubled teens. vic? >> this testimonial came in a news conference held by raymond chow's new attorney. about a dozen supporters attended. sarah and 200 lawyers are volunteering to defend chow. their defense is that their client was a victim of government misconduct. >> he has been a target for a decade. and nothing has ever risen to a level of criminal activity. >> chow's supporters spoke of the transformation from bad to
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good. eli crawford was once in the same prison with chow. >> raymond took every opportunity he could of doing the right thing. and not only just him doing the right thing but passed it on. >> rudy corpsus works in gang intervention. >> he made effective impact on changing youth lives. >> they said what chow himself has been saying. >> m this interview with abc7 news two years ago chow says he became a new man after serving nearly two decades in prison for gang-related activities. . >> i want to do something for kids and the community. for myself. >> he became head of the chinese free masons. after his predecessor was shot and killed. >> i have made a big mistake in that age i wasn't going to school. >> chow became active in the
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chinese community, working with at-risk kids five years ago named general manager of the night market but city officials killed the program learning of the job. there are still skeptics who question just how much the former gangster changed, especially cops who chased him for years. >> once getting involved with gangs it's very, very difficult to escape, to retract yourself from that system. >> federal prosecutor as agreeed and charged chow with running an organized crime ring and dealing in stolen property and laundering $2 million. now, tomorrow, raymond chow and most of the 29 defendants indicted will be in court. the first appearance before the judge has been assigned to preside over the case. chow is expected to enter a plea. vic lee, abc7 news. >> vic, thank you. today, pg&e is offering a reward in connection with last year's
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attack in a san jose substation. someone cut lines and shot 17 transformers in 19 minutes the utility is spending $$100 million on security enhancements. that could result in a raid increase. one official called the incident terrorism but pg&e only saying it was quote highly professional. interest there have been no arrests in this case. >> spencer christian has the day off. you notice he's off when it's warm and sunny. when you're the weather man, have you an edge. >> exactly. so every time it's nice, i'm just going to take the day off here, it's beautiful. blue skies are behind me. and we'll talk about where it's not blue. we do have fog right along the coastline. that is keeping your temperatures only into upper 50s to low 60s this afternoon away from the coast, we've seen a
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little bit of a warm up around the bay area. seven degrees warmer in san jose. from our mount tamalpais camera, watching dog below. it's going to be with us. high clouds above. 61 in san francisco. 71 oakland. 79 san jose. half moon bay, chilly 55 degrees east bay hills camera looking towards mount tamalpais. you can see higher clouds, mid-70s in santa rosa and napa. 84 livermore, from our exploratorium camera, fog along the coast. mid-50s to 60s tomorrow morning you're going to see fog and high clouds. 40s and 50s and then, afternoon, cooler, partly cloudy skies. upper 50s to mid-70s we have drizzle in the forecast getting closer to weekend. i'll be back in just a moment. larry? carolyn? >> thank you. >> still ahead at 4:00 chance on a loose. where this is happening and how it ends. >> nursing student saving lives
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after her death. >> and at 4:30 how a pot hole created a hours-long back up last night. >> speaking of which, let's take a look at traffic right now. you know it does look better on the skyway. it's bumper to bumper in both directions on the skyway. back with more in just a moment.
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>> in kansas city a chimpanzee temporarily escaped from the zoo after jumping up from a branch. visitors and staff were ordered to stay in cars for protection a man who drove his car into the bay remains in a san francisco hospital this afternoon. crews pulled his toyota camery. the man's condition is unknown at this point. investigators looking into whether he may have suffered a medical emergency. >> a gym in dublin high school is how off limits because of possible hold contamination
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there. until the results are known some classes are going to have to be relocated. dublin high school is on the home stretch but a snag occurred as work began on renovations to the old gym. water damage raised concerns about mold the district superintendent says the presence of mold awaits confirmation of an air sampling test. >> we don't know that. and determined we should close the gym and have it tested. >> they refer to this as the old gym the new gym is used for basketball and cheer leading practice. >> if there is an issue we'll take immediate action. it could include closing of the gym for the year. and providing alternative physical education facilities
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for students or activities. >> students and families have been notified of the test. a mold remediation service says it's not difficult to address the problem once confirmed. specialized equipment is used to filter mold from the air. >> you control it with negative pressure. and there is a removal. >> if confirmed, clean up will be done during summer recess the results should be available next week the school district doesn't believe there will be remodelling necessary. >> a livermore woman killed in a drunk driving crash saved several lives she was a nursing student when killed last september riding a
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bike. she continued to help people as an organ donor. two babies received parts of her liver and a family friend got her kidney. a 63-year-old received her heart. >> just wanted to hear her heartbeat again. and i did. >> taken me so long to recover, that i don't have the full impact of the heart yet. so, christina's waiting there. to advise me. >> the 19-year-old man charged in the death is awaiting trial. >> well, spencer christian is off today but sandhya patel is tracking the forecast for us. >> yes. we're going to see cooler weather around the bay area. getting towards weekend. it's almost here.
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live doppler 7 hd will show you what it looks still lingering gray there. fog tonight. cooler pattern and coastal drizzle we want to show you latest from national oceanic and atmospheric climate prediction center the temperatures near equator were cooler than what does this mean? it's likely el nino coming up? it's too early so we'll have to keep you posted and monitor the
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situation. it's going to be cooler and we are going to see coastal drizzle friday night into saturday. going into tomorrow, partly cloudy and cooler. tomorrow morning looking out for fog on the cool to chilly side. high clouds going into afternoon. more clouds than sun for 62 downtown san francisco. north bay, upper 60s around vallejo.
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67 oakland, newark. accu-weather forecast, cooler tomorrow, your saturday will feature more cloud cover. by sunday we'll see sun, temperatures responding and we'll hold you there on monday before seeing a cool down notice mid to latter part of the week. more cloud cover, cooler wednesday, thursday. we might be talking about needing umbrellas. up next a one-day sale google letting anyone in the u.s. buy google glass. >> one country requiring
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a group of bay area residents showed off their game-show gutso today. the show held financial auditions in san francisco. these are some of the finalists. they had to convince judges they have what it takes remember, you can catch wheel of fortune here at 7:30 >> they were a highly-caffeinated group. >> they were. >> didn't take long for cbs to find a replacement for david letterman. >> the network announced steven colbert will take over. he host theed "the colbert report" >> the comedian saying he never dreamed he would follow in david letterman's footsteps. going to be interesting can he pull it off, or?
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>> they say he's going to be himself. >> google may be planning to make fwoogel glass available to anyone who wants to buy a pair as early as next week but there is a catch. >> google plans to sell it to anyone willing to pay $1500. also getting sunglasses or a set of frames. >> here is the catch. this offer lasts just just ahead a pot hole that backed up traffic for hours. >> the state of mind in the pennsylvania stabbing suspect and reaction from one victim. >> commemorating the landmark civil rights act.
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questions remain about a pot hole on the bay bridge that caused a huge traffic jam. abc7 news reporter is live in
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oakland now with more on this laura? >> i'm told officials spent the day in meetings here today they told us one of their crews discovered the hole after checking on the cracks on cement what is not clear is why it wasn't discovered long p it got so big. >> this wasn't just any pot hole. it was a big one that sprung up on the top deck last night. two and a half feet long, wide open to road below. i've been here on the same street. >> heft thousands stranded, many leaving the giants game. some ran out of
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today, caltrans told us what they think happened. >> a crew noticed slight cracking when you like chip it. a result of the regular wear and tear. and there is some needs to repair that. when crews went out to do that, they discovered that there was a hole. caltrans insists maintenance not been held. it looks great and everything. it could use more work. >> caltrans says it performed inspections on the west span. there is no plan to change that.
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>> police trying to determine a motive in a high school stabbing spree. ten boys are still in the hospital three in critical condition. a 16-year-old started to stab everyone in his path with tw kitchen knives. 22 people were injured. his family says he did not have a history of psychiatric problems >> he understands what he did. i don't think he, at this point understands gravity of what he did. >> what is going through my mind? will i survive? or die? >> the plan is to reopen the school monday. grief counselors will provide help to students and staff. >> in orlando, florida the he
4:32 pm
had been charged with leaving the accident scene. investigators say he ran off after his dodge durango hit another car. 12 others and an adult were injured. >> another hopeful sign for searchers scouring the ocean for malaysia airline flight 370. they had detected a possible underwater signal that might be coming from the triple 7's black boxes if they do find rec math, recovering it is going to be difficult. >> a senate panel asking a government agency to turn over records about a twitter-like program that is building in cuba. the senate foreign relations committee wants to know whether
4:33 pm
programs were consistent with those in other countries. ap investigation last week found the obama administration backed the program to stir political unrest in cuba. >> president obama honored 50th anniversary of the signing of the civil rights act today the landmark law ended racial discrimination. mr. obama described lyndon johnson as a legislative genius for that. >> president obama commemorating the 50th anniversary of the landmark legislation. honoring the former president who made it happen. at the lbj presidential library today. >> president johnson fought for and argued and horse traded and
4:34 pm
bullied and persuaded until he signed the civil rights law. >> and for having courage to ask... >> for blacks and latinos, new doors of opportunity swung open but the president made things personal. >> i have hived out of promise. because was in a position to take the baton. >> the remarks came on the third, final day of ceremonies parking the act of 1964. he says there remains work to do to fulfill the promise. >> the story of america is a story of progress.
4:35 pm
however slow, we're here because we know we cannot be complacent. >> it wasn't just the current president. former presidents were at the summit as well. >> coming up at 4:00 do you work too much after work? >> yes. >> hardly. >> i work on games. >> check out this baby. proving you don't have to go to the club for a good dance. >> looking from our camera high clouds out there. we're going to see more cloud cover, drizzle, cooler weather hitting the weekend. i'll have details coming up. >> and sunny skies in walnut creek now. traffic is heavy on northbound 680 did you know dan ashley is the walnut creek citizen of the year? >> wow. >> quite an honor. >> stay with us. >> abc7 news at 4:00 continues
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right after this.
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>> those are some pipes a priest stunned guests with iz amazing rendition of
4:39 pm
"hallelujah". the bride and groom had no idea he planned to serenade them. >> very nice >> a new labor agreement in france helps to protect worker health and well being. >> yes. >> among other things setting limits on company e mail or work on projects mainly for people in management positions. >> yes. employees being asked to step away from work for 11 hours each bay. change forecasts about a quarter million employees, including google and facebook workers ♪ [ music ] >> this is hilarious. >> you should see carolyn
4:40 pm
dancing here. with the bad knee. but this is a 10-month-old emma getting low, low, low. dancing to "low". her father posted this video saying she's their third child, happy and has rhythm. he says she's advancing rather rapidly. >> yes. she's ten months old and has moves. >> shake it, girl. >> spencer christian is off. >> i was wondering how this transition is going to go. >> so much cuter with the moves than i would be. we have fog out there. high clouds above. if you're making plans for weekend i want to show you what is coming up. doing traveling some showers heading towards new york, 68 degrees tomorrow, warm in dallas 83.
4:41 pm
63 in seattle. so here is a look at the state wide numbers warm in fresno. 88. 75 los angeles. morning fog, then sun traveling to tahoe there is a chance of thunderstorms over yosemite area tomorrow afternoon. mild here in the bay area. upper 50s along the coastline. in case you're making plans to head to at and t park, make sure you grab a sweat shirt. low 60s but dropping into upper 50s and turning partly cloudy. i'll have a detailed look at the weekend forecast. accu-weather forecast coming up at 5:00 p.m . >> thank you. >> coming up next, doctors relie on tamiflu but some are calling it a waste of money. >> plus, how a group of students are helping a change the life of a 2-year-old boy.
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>> i'm michael finney. more fallout from that massive gm recall including fixes and first punishments.
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>> there is an effort in san francisco to save some of the smallest pedestrians from being struck. >> san francisco police chief focused on some of the youngest citizens today, middle school students he gathered them to talk about pedestrian safety. a topic that is on the mind of kids' assistant principal. . >> i worry every day. >> the school is located in the congested area of south of market. >> we have had two students that have been hit. by cars in the crosswalk. they weren't severely injured but had to go to the hospital >> students tell us they have seen drivers behaving badly.
4:46 pm
. >> i have seen cars not following signals it might cause on accident. >> it's not just a hot topic here, but for the city. several pedestrians including a 6-year-old, have been hit and killed by cars this >> he told them to shame a driver. >> i want to you scold the driver. do this, or this. or do this. to the driver. >> the kids appreciate the help. >> the chief gave students this bracelet emphasizing they need to wear it or something like it so they can be seen extolled
4:47 pm
them police need their help, and they should tell their friends. >> this afternoon, british researchers say tamiflu does not reduce the spread of flu. scientists say it can shorten the symptoms by half a day but there is no solid evidence behind claims it cuts hospital admissions. the review found the drug has adverse side affects that were dismissed or overlooked. >> we can say we've been given an overtunistic view of the drug and has harms we weren't aware of. >> they stand by the data to approve tamiflu for both treatment and prevention of people contracting flu. >> the u.s. spent a billion
4:48 pm
dollars bying a strategic reserve of antivirals including tamiflu. the cdc says it has been helpful in treating patients with common strains >> a group of high school students in texas are building a prosthetic hand for a 2-year-old boy. >> this is remarkable. he has been missing three middle fingers on his left hand since birth his older brother turned to his former robotics teacher asking three students what they can do. they were able to build a working hand for the young man. it opens and close was a bend of the wrist. >> he'll be able to pick up objects >> the they're going to make changes the students are raising money online to take projects to the skills usa national competition
4:49 pm
this summer. it's an amazing story we have a link. >> an 11-year-old berkeley boy is in surgery today to have part of his leg amputated he has a rare disorder to cause his leg bones to fracture. he begged to undergo so he cannot worry about breaking his leg. after recovering, doctors expect he will be walking on his prosthetic leg in just months. >> hoping it works out. >> yes. >> turning to consumer news now, more repairs are needed for nearly 3 million gm cars. already recalled for the ignition switch defect. >> on and on. >> yes. >> never seems to end >> the problem has to do with
4:50 pm
ignition locks on cars. drivers can remove the key while engine is still running if that happens the vehicle can roll way or crash. the auto maker says it doesn't know of any injuries connected to this. this affects the same cars recalled for defective switch that can cause the cars to stall. the recalled cars are chevy could. ballot ask sky solistice and gms from 2003 until 2011. there is still more fallout for that ignition switch recall. gm's ceo has been two engineers on paid leave because of it. she says the action is an interim step as the company trying to find out what happened. an outside attorney is being called out to determine why it took more than a decade.
4:51 pm
>> identity thieves stole $4 billion in tax refunds last year from taxpayer who's should have received the money. criminals able to get money by using personal information. 880 people have been charged for these fraudulent schemes. this is just during the past year. irs says it's strengthening controls to detect fraud. >> thank you. >> sure. >> coming up this man is accused of abusing his dog. explaining what happened from jail. next. >> i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00 you've heard about the resignation of health secretary kathleen sebelios. and hillary clinton speaking in san jose tonight. why she's forced to duck before leaving las vegas this afternoon. next at 5:00.
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it's shark tank followed by grey's anatomy, scandal then join us for abc7 news at 11:00. now, watch abc available to dish customers that want to watch online or smart phones. go to abc7 and find out how to access this. you can search watch abc in your app store to down load the app. >> an animal abuse case getting wider attention because of what that man is accused of doing throwing his dog against a fence more than once. >> what led up to that incident he says never happened. >> this is the 2-year-old chihuahua now in caring arms of officer was animal control. recovering from a broken leg. >> boy say it's heinous.
4:56 pm
>> investigators say the injuries were caused by this man. 29-year-old. . >> i do like the dog. he says owned eagle for a year and a half. tuesday, he says he got into an argument with neighbors on u street. he says they were teasing him . >> i felt like there was a little bit of a prejudice. >> police say witnesses called them after he picked up the little dog and did the unthinkable. he picked his dog up and threw it against the fence. >> how did the dog end up injured? >> i didn't, never got him as a puppy. he had a limp on his rear legs >> but investigators say it's his front right leg now broken because of being thrown against the fence. animal control says he had a
4:57 pm
broken leg and found eagle on the ground, shivering. >> soaking wet. apparently the owner sprayed him with a hose afterwards for some reason. i don't know why. he was shivering. >> his neighbor says he didn't hear or see what happened but says he saw fong getting arrested but didn't know why. >> it's horrible. unimaginable. probably one of the worst things you can do. to think he's next to me. that is surprising. >> fong says he didn't do anything wrong and wants his day in court. >> i shouldn't be charged with a felony. i should be released today. >> thanks for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00. >> abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> colon kaeper ns nick is being named in a police report >> the search for a gunman.
4:58 pm
the lure to find whoever attacked a power grid in silicon valley. >> your child starts telling to you slow down, blame the police chief. live on the roof, we have cooler weather and drizzle heading towards the weekend. i'll have tee tails coming up. >> what this investigator is saying about an incident last week. >> the phones the miami police department are ringing off the hook tonight. 11 wants to know what
4:59 pm
>> police are feeling the feet now after they initially said, called this a possible sexual assault now police are back pedalling saying the only thing they have is incident report. the inincident involves colon kaepernick. it happened on april 1st. the report states the woman who files went to visit lockett at an apartment in this hotel. it says the woman mixed drinks and gave players shots she claims they told her in order to drink the shots she had to hit the bong, which contained marijuana. they continued watching a basketball game the woman says she went to the
5:00 pm
bedroom because she felt light headed. kaepernick followed her and they started kissing he told her he was going to be back and left the bedroom the report says they did not have sex. she says she can't remember anything after that and woke up in a hospital bed without knowing how she got there or who transported her the team issued this statement the organization is aware of the recent reports reporting collin kaepernick. by mid day, fans were all over the story. iets not true. she's probably going after his money. the woman who filed did so two days later. police would not say if the players have been questioned. in santa


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